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                      Resources monitors this repeater!As Featured On EzineArticlesWelcome to Ham Radio Resources . com - ham radio resources for ham radio operators of all sorts. Below you will find daily ham radio news feeds, a SkyWarn weather feed and ham radio (and short wave radio) propagation forecasts and calculation feeds. Inside the other pages on this site you will find some neat links like select ham radio clubs, space weather information (remember that sun spots and solar ejections are important to ham radio propagation. Additional resources will be added as we find them or as they are requested!  Jon Kreski, AB9NN - Owner and Webmaster.
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Fact of the Day

What HamRadioResources.com offers – resources for: Ham radio.  Amateur radio.  HF.  VHF.  UHF.  Shortwave radio listening.  CB radio (yeah – even THOSE guys).  Broadcast radio band.  AM radio. FM radio.  Single side-band radio.  Digital modes.  News feeds of various types and from various sources.  Weather.  Radars.  Forecasts.  Warnings.  Skywarn information – severe weather spotters.  Propagation forecasts.  Radio clubs.  The ARRL Letter (a weekly newsletter).  Singles (yes – both men and women!) – hey!  We DO have lives outside of ham radio!  Investing resources (I was a licensed Series 7 Stock Broker at one time as well as a licensed Investment Advisor) – I don’t make recommendations but I do let you use some of the resources that I use from time to time.  I will also sometimes show particular investments or strategies that are “interesting”.  I do not imply that they are appropriate for you because I do not know your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, cash flow and income needs, etc..  Always consult and investment professional for a full evaluation.  Yeah they probably charge you something along the way.  Yeah – many of them are worth it.  Watch out for conflicts of interest (fees based on ACTIVITY and not PERFORMANCE).  Fishing – I am not a professional angler but I like to share a few tips and resources and tell a few good stories.

This site is generally a ham radio (amateur radio) resources website.  I hope that it will draw interest from the ham community – my thought is that people will read the blog posts, perhaps follow on Twitter and will come back often to read the ham radio news.  I like to read the news on my lunch hour each day.  It’s a nice break to the day, very relaxing.  And it keeps me up to date on the hobby.  For example, I knew immediately when the Morse code testing requirement was dropped by the FCC.  That allowed me to be among the first to advance through extra class license with a fresh no-code upgrade.

For anyone interested in getting an upgrade to their license or wanting to become a ham – this website will show you some good ways to get that done.  Is it easy?  Now that I have done it I would say it’s not too bad.  Some parts are easy.  Some parts are tough.  If you take the practice exams and do well on those you should do well on the actual exams.  The practice exams use the ACTUAL exam questions!  I am far from an electronics expert and I did it quickly.  You can to.  Just concentrate.  Put the time in.  Don’t expect something for nothing.  It will be worth it! 

For shortwave radio listeners, this is a GREAT site to find some resources that anyone interested in radio can use.  For example – how do antennas work?  Ask a ham…  Need information on radio sensitivity or noise elimination?  Ask a ham radio operator!  No ham that I know of knows it all.  And every ham that I know of didn’t know something or other that they were interested in learning about.  And every ham I know got some help, knowledge, resources, etc. from another ham.  You will find that hams actually like to help other people interested in radios since they were there once.  It also tells us that we do know something about ham radio and we are valuable people.  We like to help and answer questions.  It’s a good thing to do and it makes us feel good too!

You will find that HamRadioResources.com does load somewhat slowly in certain instances.  This is a choice on the designer’s part.  The goal is to provide you with fresh content that is up to the minute fresh.  We do this by going out to ham radio resources on the internet and fetching various data.  This takes time.  Some of the time it takes is beyond our control.  I wish that we could just fetch all the data say once an hour and just have it there ready for you instantly.  But that’s not how the rest of the internet is designed at this point.  Time will tell if our design is a good one or not.  I usually load several pages at once or am checking e-mails and such at the same time I am browsing this website.  Therefore I don’t notice the load time much.  I hope that knowing what is happening will be of some benefit to you!


Stay radio active!


Jon Kreski, AB9NN


Daily updates to news, including HAM news on the Ham Radio page. Constantly updated propagation resources. Ham radio club listings. Call sign look-up. Plus plenty of non-ham resources that you can use EVERY DAY!