Ham Radio Repeaters–A Waste Of Time + Money!

Think outside of the box on this one.  One of the very first “Elmer” type lessons that I learned was to put your money into your antenna first.  Then the radio and other accessories.  Great advice!  Given this, why does the world waste so much money on repeaters?  In my opinion, it is simply because most hams don’t trust the concept of (height + gain = effective transmission distance).  Think about the standard 2 meter base station antenna for example.  Usually a nice omnidirectional antenna with a fair amount of gain mounted at some convenient height.  Now think of some of the best performing HF stations in the world.  Monster beams mounted on huge towers and optimized with super efficient feed lines, ground radial sets, etc.

Here’s the first thing.  Most repeaters extend the range of a two meter radio system by some modest amount.  Usually using FM.  Now think about the distances that a good sized 2 meter beam on a nice tower can cover on SSB or digital, for example.  You may be able to see the point but still have strong arguments to the negative. So…

Here’s the second thing.  Think of system survivability.  Think of the number of hams that depend on that local repeater and by doing so fail to maximize the height + gain factors of their 2 meter base station antennas.  In the US, we think of potential system failures largely as loss of power.  MAYBE a lightning strike ever couple of decades.  The loss of the entire tower is virtually unheard of.  Sure – there are some now and again.  But, they are really minimal.  And so the entire ham radio community designs their survivability for the most common failure points.

Today, we hear on the news that Russia said that it may target US fighter jets in the Syrian “conflict”.  The US, rightly, championed it’s right to carry out what we consider to be a just cause and also to defend the assets involved in that cause.  Let your mind free-wheel and see what “potential” outcomes you come up with.

How ready are you?  In Cub Scouts I learned, “Be Prepared”.  Are we?  Really?

Thoughts and opinions to ponder…

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