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Internet Radio Audio Feeds - What the heck are they and why should I care?

HOME    These are all pretty cool - some more than others, depending on your particular interest.  Each link provides a radio resource via the internet.  Each link allows you to hear LIVE audio feeds from real radios of various types.  Included here are live internet radio feeds from things such as ham radios, police scanners, airport air traffic control radio feeds, NASA TV, National Weather Service weather radio audio feeds, etc..  I have even inlcuded regular commercial AM / FM stations as well as shortwave broadcast stations.  If you have never listened to some of these before I strongly suggest you bookmark this page - or better yet - link your website to it.  Then, come back multiple times and listen to various feeds at various times.  I likely will modify the listing from time to time but the starting line-up is pretty solid!

Ham Radio
Audio Feeds

Internet User Controlled
(YOU tune them!)

Scanner Type
Audiot Feeds

World Sortwave Radio
Audio Feeds
Commercial Radio Type
 Audio Feeds

14.300 Net
Click the "14300 Audio" link
S Meter Receivers  

RadioReference.com Audio Feeds
Public safety scanner type
Every state - every county

World Radio Network

3.819 Ham Radio Group
Look for "Live Audio" button
Global Tuners    Air Traffic Control Feeds
Browse left side of web page
RADIO LOCATOR - THE List  last.fm 

WIN System
Western Intertie Network

National Weather Service
Weather Radio Audio Feeds 

 live radio net - HUGE list of worldwide internet radio stations Grooveshark
IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project 
Very powerful way to use ham radios

iTunes Scanner Feeds  

Hurricane Net Audio Feed

Talk Radio
News Feeds  

AR Newsline 

Christian Radio Feeds 
The ARRL Letter - WEEKLY

Stocks 'N Jocks

NASA TV - Most astronauts are hams