SUPER BUY on a nice quality Ham Radio


     SUPER BUY on a nice quality Ham Radio

My wife bought one of these radios and a number of people in an emergency communications team that I have been associated with also have.  FOR THE PRICE – everyone just loves them!  Good features and performance for the dollars spent – think less than $40 or so.  COMPARE TO OVER $300 for more full featured name brand radios.  You can almost drop 10 of these radios in the lake for the cost of one name brand radio.  I’ll be honest – when I saw the price I thought “JUNK”.  After I used my wife’s radio I think “GREAT BUY!”.  This is the radio you want to use in the rain, out on the lake, camping if you think you might leave it behind, etc..  We also used FREE Chirp software to program the radio – a must.  Very easy to use and has interfaces to repeater data sources, etc..  If you are a member of a club or emergency communications team that I strongly encourage you to order a few to have on hand and to be able to evaluated.  GREAT starter radio or for anyone on any sort of a budget.  Will it be all things to all people?  No!  But for under $40 how wrong can you possibly go?

Enjoy this radio!



Jon E. Kreski – AB9NN

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