These are the weather resources that AB9NN uses as a trained severe storm spotter
AB9NN operates in a Skywarn ham radio netowrk during severe storm spotting

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Severe Weather Radars

Satelites Other Links

NOAA MidWest
Lightning Map Hemisphere - Infrared
WI visible Allergies
JetStream Green Bay NWS Visible Midwest Northern Lights
Snow Storm Track Green Bay WBAY Ch 2 US Base
Emergency Radio Green Bay Eastern Space weather forecast
Weather Images  Weather Underground   Space Environment Center
   UCAR Real-time    Naval Oceanographic Office
      MARS weather forecast Data
      NASA Human Space Flight TV
      National weather forecast Service
      NOAA weather forecast site
      Storm Prediction Center
      Department Of Commerce
      Accuweather forecast
      University of Wisconsin
      FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center
      Climate Prediction Center
      Marine Observations - National Data Bouy Center

Check weather forecast for weather forecast warnings nationwide! Then analyze specific weather forecast threats! SEVERE weather forecast Advice: Take cover in a strong building - basement - or interior door way in case of severe weather forecast. Do NOT stand by windows to watch the severe weather forecast storms - glass flies well in severe weather forecast storms!

Practical Outdoors weather forecast Safety Advice:

Take an AM radio along! Listen for lightning. Take a weather forecast radio along also. And your waterproof RF laptop, of course! Radio stations may have a time delay during live broadcasts... And a PHONE - but make sure that it will work where you are going... Remember that there are phones THAT WILL NOT WORK in remote areas! Others will... And you might want to put them in a plastic bag! Get FRESH Batteries!

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